I guess this is WIP Wednesday

My latest and greatest project on the needles is – you guessed it – socks!  I’m doing the Cables and Corrugations socks from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters book.  I’ve had to make someImg_1219
adjustments due to my cast on number.  I basically changed the cable chart to make the cables less stitches and the stitches in between less as well.  I also had to rip out the first sock when I faced the music and decided it really didn’t fit.  Too bad that was after I was all done with it.  Anyway, these are pretty fun to knit, and since I’m using size 2.5 needles and Socks that Rock mediumweight yarn they are going very quickly.  I should be done with these by the end of the day!

In other news, it is The Baby’s last day of school today.  I can’t believe we made it through the whole year!  It was pretty fun overall, but I am sure ready for a break.  We will be going back to the same school next year with the same teacher and I’m sure she’ll have an even better time.  So we get to go see her graduate and have a potluck lunch.  I just need to stay on track so I don’t mess up my progress in the weight loss department! 

Have a great day!

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