Child’s French Socks

I actually got pictures of these socks, can you believe it?  Well here they are and I love them!  I haven’t knit anImg_1179
involved sock in quite some time it seems like.  It is super satisfying.  This is a great pattern, of course what pattern by Nancy Bush isn’t a great one?  I also really like the yarn, though I think it might be better suited being knit on a larger size needle.  The fabric is kind of dense which I do like most of the time, but not this
time.  There is still plenty of yarn leftover from the skein so I think that it is a pretty good value!  Anyway, here’s the stats:

  • Pattern – Child’s French Socks found in Knitting Vintage Socks
  • Yarn – Ball and Skein sock yarn
  • Needles – US Size 1
  • Took me – 3 days
  • Comments – Love these socks! 

Img_1177In other news, I’ve been working away on the Marina Piccola socks and almost have the first one finished.  I would be further along but I keep making silly mistakes and have to tink back.  They are looking really great so far and I’m very excited about them 🙂  I hope to get some scarf pictures to share with you soon – stay tuned!

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  1. Lauren, they’re really lovely! You’re blowing me a way with your finished in three days as well.


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