The next sock in progress

This is the Child’s French Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks.  I wasn’t sure at first about it, but as I kepImg_1149t going with the pattern I fell more in love with it.  I think the yarn I chose was a good choice even though it is
variegated a bit.  The pattern is pretty involved, trying to remember to switch the seed stitch every third row can be a little annoying when you actually don’t remember.  But it is a fun knit, so fun that I’ve already finished the first sock and am already started on the second!  It makes it easy when The Baby is sick and I just want to hang around her and do nothing else 😉 

I expect to get a lot done on the second sock today, and so I’m already plotting my next sock. I’m thinking something else from Nancy Bush or maybe a stranded pattern from More Sensational Socks.  Guess you’ll find out what I pick soon enough! 

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  1. I cast on for the Artichoke Socks last night. That means I have two pairs of socks on the needles – first time that’s happened!

  2. I love them it that color!

  3. Beautiful socks!


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