Proof that I still knit

I know I talk about knitting, but I never show it right?  So who really knows if I’m telling the truth?  Well today I give you proof!  This is the back half of the Halter Dress for The Baby.  The pattern is from the book BarefooImg_1137t KnitsImg_1136, which is all about using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  I’m using some Classic Elite Flash Print that I got a very long time ago.  It should be really cute when it’s finally done.  I’m about halfway done with the front half, so it should be soon. 

The other picture is my Seamless Hybrid sweater, or what looks like just a plain old big, dark sweater.  I need a neckband, underarm sleeve stitches woven, and ends woven in, and of course blocking.  I’m using the same needle for the Halter Dress and I’ve decided to finish that one first. 

That’s all I’ve got, I don’t know how much knitting time I’ll actually get this weekend though.  I’m heading off to my sister’s house bright and early tomorrow so that she and her hubby can go off for an nice and quiet overnight stay at a B&B.  So me + The Baby + The Baby’s cousin of the same age + 2 twin 1 year olds = me, possibly going absolutely crazy.  Just kidding sis!  I’m quite looking forward to it and I hope they have a wonderful time to themselves 🙂  See you next week!

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  1. What?! And I’m NOT crazy!? 😉
    Seriously. Though you may feel crazy when you’re done, THANKS FOR DOING THIS! You’re awesome. D and I are so excited to get away, even for just one day and a night.

  2. Dude, no one thinks you don’t actually knit! You’re the knittiest grrl I know, apart from Susan!
    Can’t you bring your man with you this weekend, and get the ratio of grownups to preschoolers a little higher?
    Wish one of my sisters lived closer so she could take my kid for a sleepover one night! Have a great time.


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