Fire on the Mountain!

It’s done!  The Sheep 2 Shoe fiber is finally spun and plied!!  I spent hours on this yesterday, in-between baking bread and dyeing fiber.  I’m surprised that I’m notImg_0915_2
sore having spun so much.  The idea with the Sheep 2 Shoe kit is that you take the 8 oz. and split it evenly three ways, spin each of those sections onto a bobbin, and then make a three-ply yarn.  The color sections should match up and be like the Blue Moon yarns.  Well I didn’t separate them perfectly and so one ply doesn’t match up, and I ran out of that one before the other two.  So I have a little bit left on two bobbins and a little bit of fiber left to spin.  I’ll spin that and ply again and see what I come up with.  Anyway.  I started this stuff back in January as part of the NaSpiMoMo (Spin More Month for you guys that think I’m speaking a foreign language – you know who you are!).  It took me so long because I got sick and didn’t feel like doing any spinning, and then it took me until last week to get the motivation to spin again.  Talk about a project dragging on and on!  So it took me two months to get about 550 yards of 3-ply sock-ish weight yarn, and I am so glad it is finally done.  Now if it would just hurry up and dry so I can get to knitting it!

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  1. Thanks for the translation! You wouldn’t think it would sound like a foreign language to me, because I actually have knitted before. But I told you I really was just a ‘fair-weather’ knitter! You didn’t believe me, but it’s true. šŸ˜‰
    All your projects look fun. The baking too!

  2. Oh, Lauren, it looks fantastic! What sock pattern are you going to use?

  3. Oh boy… that yarn’s gorgeous!!! I really have to hop on a plane one of these days and come and play with your yarn & fiber (and kiddo and puppy of course hehehe).
    I may have to go and have a look at those kits on the STR website…

  4. Wow, it so pretty!

  5. WOW! Its beautiful! I actually like it with the strand that doesn’t match.. it will stop it from pooling like regular STR would do. I think.. anyway.. lol. I love to spin but I am NOT a technical spinner in any way shape or form.

  6. oh, those colors are gorgeous! beautifully done.


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