Catching up

Img_0884It was a rough night with The Baby, who couldn’t stop coughing so I endeImg_0913_2d up with her on the incredibly uncomfortable fouton, waking up a zillion times to give her a sip of water.  She’s still there sleeping now and I’m just trying to be quiet.  I just finished up my Posh Ribbed Socks and I decided to
share them today.  The yarn is of course Posh Yarn, this one is Emily, a 4-ply wool/angora/cashmere blend.  Now that they are on my feet, I like them alot.  Very soft and luxurious.  Knitting them?  Not so pleasant.  It felt kind of like cotton and it didn’t flow at all, I felt like I was fighting it almost the whole time.  It might have helped to use a larger needle size, I don’t know.  I used sizeImg_0912 2s.  Anyway.  The pattern was improvised using Cat Bordhi’s new sockitecture from the toe-up.  I’m really getting the hang of this method and each time I do it I like it even more.  I may actually convert to being a toe-up sock knitter!    

Img_0886I managed to get a decent picture of The Baby’s Swing Coat even though she was still not feeling good that day. 
I really like how it turned out.  It seems a little on the short side on the main body, but I was ready to
be done knitting it so it has to be good enough.  I didn’t finish the collar and I kind of like it that way.  I did do an i-cord border along the rest of the edges, excluding the sleeves.  I made the size 6 sweater, so hopefully she’ll be able to wear it for a while!  Oh yeah, the yarn is Mission Falls Cotton.

Now that this stuff is done, I was surprised to find out that I only have two Works in Progress now!  That is unusual for me.  I’m making a cute pair of socks for The Baby, and the other is my saddle shoulder sweater that needs sleeves.  Today will be spent dyeing up another pound of fiber, I’m trying to do one per day to use up all of my mixed up dyes before they go bad.  And I’ll be spinning as much as I can since I’m getting really close to having all of my Sheep2Shoe fiber on bobbins – I’m ready to get it plied up and have it done!  More bread is in the works too, along with some chicken soup.  Yum.  See you on Monday!

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  1. Only sleeves? You’re ON FIRE, as usual!
    I like the swing coat. She should wear that a couple of years, hopefully!
    Guess what my kid wants? A pirate sweater. With intarsia skull and crossbones.

  2. The swing coat is darling!


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