Hemlock Ring Blanket

Well the Hemlock Ring Blanket is done!  This is the best picture I could get – it blends in too well with myImg_0882
carpet color so I didn’t do a shot with it all spread out on the floor.  Anyway, the blanket.  I love it!  I wasn’t paying attention and I knit a few more rounds than Jared did, like 10 more really really long rounds.  It ended up being a nice size, big enough to cover my bottom half and then some.  I think I ended up with 500 + stitches toward the end of it, I don’t remember exactly, but I do know I had 134 border points to pin out when it was all done.  I didn’t do a fantastic job with the blocking, but I think it turned out pretty well.  I used Cascade EcoWool as well, and I still have a nice amount of my second hank left.  All in all it was enjoyable to knit, a nice pattern that wasn’t too difficult at all, and with a satisfying result.  It’s already been doing a great job of keeping my legs warm while sitting in my cold house 🙂

As always, thanks for looking and have a great day! 

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  1. It really is fantastic!

  2. It is sooooo beautiful, Lauren. You did a fabulous job on it!

  3. Wow! Its GORGEOUS!

  4. It’s actually easier to see the pattern in your photo than it was in person – I guess we didn’t ever really spread it out well enough. It looks great!

  5. It’s gorgeous! I really want to make one of those myself.

  6. I’ve been dreaming of that pattern for awhile ~ yours is so lovely, especially in person.

  7. chris

     /  February 23, 2008

    Beautiful, Lauren. I didn’t want to make it until now.


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