Getting over myself

I only have a couple of Works in Progress to show you today.  I am still, yes still distracted from my EZ percentage sweater.  Okay not completely, I have been giving it a little time here and there, and I am about 2 increases away from being done with the second sleeve.  I took my colors to SnB last night where Margene and Cheryl helped me pick out the ones I should use, thanks girls!!  I had a great time sitting and knitting and adding to a few conversations and I need to do it more.  See, I am socially inept, really.  I usually feel incredibly uncomfortable around strangers and even people I know.  I have a hard time interacting and I’ve always been very very shy, so it is a big deal for me just to get out and about without feeling like I’ve done or said something incredibly stupid.  Is that too much information?!  Oh well.  I’m tryingImg_0739 to ‘get over myself’ and just relax and be myself, and if I say something stupid then it is okay right?  Life as I know it will not end!

Anyway, back to the knitting content.  I picked up some crazy colored Aracuania Limari which arrived the day before yesterday, and I needed some easy knitting to take with me to The Baby’s gymnastics adventure
yesterday so I grabbed said yarn and some size 15 straight needles.  I whipped up half a scarf from one skein in about two hours!  I’m doing another seed stitch scarf and I’ll be using two skeins.  So far I really love it.Img_0740_2

I took the Hemlock Ring Blanket with me last night and it got a few good long rows in.  Last time I counted
it was 312 stitches.  It’s starting to get a little crowded on the needle I’m using and I’m hoping I don’t have to go get a longer one (it’s not in the budget!).  The end result will be great and I will love it, so I will persevere even though the knitting of this thing is starting to become a pain being so crowded.  That said, the pattern is really easy while still very pretty, and very good for TV knitting or reading knitting.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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  1. You’re not socially awkward…shy yes, but that’s just fine with us. We enjoy having you with us.

  2. Lil’ idea for the needle that may not be long enough… how about you use 2 circs and put about half of the stitches on each one? Would that work? Or could you borrow a longer needle from someone?
    Cheers Eva

  3. That Aracuania sure is pretty! You whipped that up really quick. Cool!

  4. I honestly don’t know how you knit while reading. But… that’s why YOU are the knitter, and not me! LOL 😀

  5. I love the scarf- it looks great! I love seed stitch.
    I don’t know how you read and knit, either…audio books, sure, but actually reading a book?! Crazy!

  6. I used to be really, really shy too. What helped to get over it (well, mostly) was to get out and “just do it”. Like you did last night. And I found out that bad things didn’t happen, and I actually had fun. So I hope we’ll see you more often! I don’t suppose you have the Knit Picks Options needles, ’cause if you do, I have a 47″ cable you can use.

  7. Ok, I know this is hard to believe but I used to be really shy. And I still hate to be in situations where I don’t know the people around me well. So I hope that doesn’t make both of us weird.

  8. Good for you for showing up even when it’s difficult for you!

  9. You probably don’t know this, but I hardly ever get to S’nB before 8 o’clock, because it’s just damn hard to drag myself out of the house and into the people. I’m really quite introverted, and ALWAYS feel like I’ve offended someone. As the person sitting next to you, I can testify that you did nothing stupid. In fact, your quiet way makes you seem very wise. I don’t even really think of you as shy.
    And the Hemlock blanket is lovely. It’s in my Ravelry queue.
    And YAY for reading while knitting!


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