Unexpected pleasures

I’ve had the wool pulled over my eyes.  A while ago I put some of my stash up on my sell/trade page on Ravelry.  So my friend Eva PM’d me expressing interest for a few items.  We sealed theImg_0694
deal, and I sent off a little something extra for my PIF gift and I waited.  I’m still waiting to hear from her and last night I get this package that I wasn’t expecting, along with one I was!  So I open it and it is all of this great fiber from this etsy shop that I’d never heard of, so I’m like what is going on?  The note included said – "I hope you enjoy this present from Eva, etc. etc. Happy Birthday".  Now Eva is the only Eva I know, but just to be sure I email her and ask about it first.  She replies and says, yes it is from me, did I surprise you?!!  Well she sure did.  She bought my stash yarn, in part just to get my address so she could have this present sent to me.  How sweet is that?!  I was totally not expecting it, but wow, is it a wonderful surprise!  It will be an extra special treat to spin up this fiber, you can bet on that!  Make sure you go and check out the scarf she made from this handspun!!

In other knitting news, I have finished one more pair of socks.  I’m still stuck in the New Pathways sock book, and this pair is called Woven Ridge.  Mine are made from Socks that Rock in the Mesa colorway, on size 1 needles instead of size 2 the pattern called for.  I should have taken into consideration that my ridge would Img_0700be skinnier being on smaller needles, and maybe I could have made it a little wider but oh well.  I also think I got the measurements wrong when doing the toe section as they are a bit snug on the foot.  Oh well again!  That’s the thing about trying toe-up when you are a cuff-down kind of girl, it takes some getting used to.  Anyhow I like them a lot, but I’m kind of thinking maybe I should find someone with a little bit shorter foot than mine.  We’ll see.  I’m plotting yet another sock from this book, I’m actually enjoying the toe-up in the new sockitecture.  It’s kind of cool that when you get done with all of the increases for the arch expansion (vs. gussets or short row heels) and the heel flap, you are more than halfway done with the sock!  And I also think I like the cuffs bound off with EZ’s stretchy sewn bind off more than my standard who-cares-just-cast-on edge when doing socks from the cuff down.  I hope that made sense, it would if you had the book.  I think 😉  Anyway, I’m enjoying my sock distractions for now, and I’m glad I have the book to re-ignite my interest in socks.

I’ve also started a new project with some yarn I picked up at the latest Three Wishes sale.  It is MirasolImg_0691 Miski in this pretty Coral color.  I only have two skeins and I thought I could do a little scarf.  I didn’t know what stitch to use, so I just started with some seed stitch.  A little turned to more and now I am half don
e, and I really like how it is turning out!  This yarn is unbelievably soft, pretty, and luxurious too.  It is quite a treat knitting with it and I’ll almost be sad when the scarf is all done.  It’s been a nice change when knitting socks gets too be a bit much. 

That’s all I’ve got for today.  I can’t decide if I still feel crappy or if I’m finally recovered from the nasty cold/sinus thing I’ve had for almost a week.  Cross your fingers for me that The Baby or The Boyfriend won’t get it now.  Have a great day!

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  1. How sweet of you friend to do so.
    That sockbook looks fine, will be exciting to see your socks.

  2. What an awesome friend! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute of your spinning!
    Those socks are pretty ‘groovy.’ 😉 Great job! (as always…)
    Hope you ARE on the mending end of the illness.

  3. Thanks for visiting me. Spent a couple days reading your blog. Inspired by the QUANTITY of work!The pooling on the socks is very neat.

  4. I’m going to have to try that bind-off since you recommend it. I have to admit I’m a little intimidated by the “sewn” part…


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