Vegas recap

Vegas_viewVegas was great.  Aside from all of the insane driving in extreme weather,Hoover_dam_2 it was really fun.  Even though we were rolling into the city at 2:30 in the morning and were exhausted, it was quite the sight seeing all of the city lit up on the
horizon.  A big waste, but still pretty amazing!  The photo on the left was our view from the hotel room, not bad eh?  We were right over the fountains at Bellagio so we couldStratosphere_view_2 see them whenever they did the shows.
We saw Hoover Dam first thing on Friday morning, that was pretty cool too.  From there we just started going to some
casinos that we had wanted to check out.  We went to the Stratosphere where we were attacked by timeshare people, but did make it up to the tower for a grand view, and a queasy stomach.  They said the winds were about 60mph that day and I’m pretty sure I could feel it moving – my stomach told me I did anyway. 

Untitled1There were definitely highlights of the trip.  They were these.  Dinner at Mesa Grill was fantastic.  It was pricey, but really great and we quite enjoyed ourselves!  After drinks, an entree, and dessert, It was definitely the most money we have ever spent on a meal, but totally worth it.  The next highlight would of course be seeing Bill Maher at the Hard Rock.  The Hard Rock was kind of trashy, but the show was really great.  It didn’t go on long enough for me, but I still enjoyed it very much.  We even got some blurry pictures of him 🙂  I think the last highlight was that I actually won some money!  It was only $100, but I actually went to Vegas, gambled a bit of money, and then won some.  It is big, because I never win when I play slot machines, I always lose something but never win.  Luck was on my side I guess. 

So there is the condensed version, though our trip was pretty condensed too being not even two days in the city.  We saw quite a bit but not near as much as we wanted to.  We might go back, who knows?  It would help if it was coordinated when Bill was there again though 🙂

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