Why am I home eating meatloaf?

Needless to say I am  totally disappointed right about now.  I should be in my car on the way to Vegas, but I am sitting at home finishing off some leftover meatloaf.  The Baby has a fever and while my good sister has still agreed to watch her, even with a cold, we both agree that a not-herself-Baby with a fever is too much.  So here we are, waiting for the fever to break and for the kiddo to feel a bit better.  I think she’s getting there, but still around 100 degrees.  Poor kid, seems like she’s been constantly sick since we started preschool 😦  The funny thing is we weren’t even going to school since last week, so I don’t know how she got sick this time around!  Anyway, I’m hoping maybe we can still head out later today, and if not then tomorrow so we can at least go see Bill Maher. 

If you need a good meat loaf recipe, my sister has a pretty good one over here.  I thought the barbecue sauce would be wierd, but we were pleasantly surprised!  Her thumbprint cookies were also very delicious, but I am a sucker for shortbread type cookies, add walnuts and it’s even better.

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  1. Oh no! I hope the Baby gets better quickly.

  2. Oh poor things… the 2 of you!!! Or should I include the Papa too??? Keeping my fingers crossed that you will still be able to get out there in time to see the show!!!

  3. Suckathon! We’re sick, too, that parainfluenza thing with the huge cough and fever. We’re better after 2 days, hope you’re the same!


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