Bird in Hand Take 2

Img_0277 So the only things I worked on this weekend were the baby top and the Bird in Hand Mittens.  I got about half of the back of the baby top done, but most of the time went to the mittens.  The colorwork is so addicting that I really had a hard time putting it down!  I just finished weaving in the ends and I think it is much better this time around.  The first attempt I was trying to work Img_0276_1_2 with one color in each hand, and that was where my tension was getting wonky.  This time I’m throwing both, and it is easier and I’m pretty sure it is a bit quicker too.  There is a lot less puckering on this one and I’m very happy about that.  I guess overall that frogging it was a good thing.  It was kind of big, so I decided to try it on a half size smaller needle and the fit is a lot better.  I suppose I’ll be done with the first mitten (sewing the cuff and blocking)today and moving on to the next one, and pretty soon I’ll have a pair of really pretty mittens!

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  1. They are pretty! Very interesting patterns.
    And I’ve already had a sneak peek at the baby top and the pattern it will eventually become — it’s going to be awesome! So cute!
    Great job!

  2. Looks nice and even to me! Pretty!

  3. They are awesome, can’t wait to start on mine.
    Have to finishe the one I’m knitting on first, red and white are beautiful togehter.


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