Queen of Diamonds Socks

Img_0259  This project took me forever!  I started on them back in October, quickly finished the first sock and knit up just past the heel on the second, got confused, and then put them down for a month.  If I thought I was confused before I put them down, I was in for a real shock when I finally picked them back up!  I had to rip back right to where I did the gussets and study the pattern for a bit before I could figure out what I needed to do again.  I won’t be putting another pair of patterned socks down for that long again, no way.  I finished the leg in a day, even having to rip from the first sock to have enough yarn to finish the second.  At the end I had a tiny little ball left.  I did a horrible job sewing the picot cuff, and I’m not sure that I’ll be attempting that again any time soon.  Regardless I still love the socks!  The yarn is my own handspun BFL that I did back in June.  I still knit it on size 1s even though it was a dk-ish weight, and my hands paid for it.  I did a modification/huge mistake on these due to not checking for errata – it should have been obvious when I saw that there were symbols on the chart that weren’t listed on the key.  So instead of any cables, I did them all as twisted stitches – oh well!  They still look pretty darn good and theyImg_0262 are both the same (even though one does look shorter in the pic), so no harm no foul right? 

  • Pattern – Queen of Diamonds Socks by Fiber Fool Kristi Schueler in Spin-Off Magazine Spring 2007
  • Yarn – My handspun, 2-ply BFL approximately 250 yards
  • Needles – US Size 1
  • Took me – 2 months
  • Comments – What is better than handspun socks?!  I say not many things 🙂
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  1. I love these socks you knit, no matter what – they look fantastic in this colorway! I’m sorry they gave you such a headache, but the result is ever so awesome!

  2. So pretty!

  3. They are adorable with the Mary Janes.

  4. I have been here several times, and looked all the stuff you are making. The sweater is absolutely gourgous, and the socks too. You have some plans for next year i can see. I have been queing a lot of socks, need to knit up some sockyarn, and I have some merinoyarn here too, red colour, for a tunique for myself. Have a nice time these days.
    Did you see that I have got a new blog?

  5. Great color for socks. I would be interested in hearing how they wear.


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