Moon Child Hat

Img_0134_3Do you remeber my Moon Child yarn?  The one my sister wanted to steal from me and I said I wouldn’t make anything for her from it because I loved it too much and wanted to use it all for me?  Yeah.  Well guess who will be getting a Moon Child Hat (if she wants it!!).  Really though, I tried to knit her a different hat, this hat in fact.  It turned out bad, after a lot of problems, so I just said forget it and grabbed the good yarn and whipped this hat up on Sunday.  The pattern is my own, you can’t really see the cable work, but there is quite a bit of it.  They don’t really match up either, but I still think it looks pretty good.  It is kind of a beanie-style so it doesn’t cover the ears, but it is super dense – it’s like a dk/worsted yarn knitted up on a size 2 needle, so it should be warm and durable.  I hope she likes it!  If not I don’t care, I’ll keep it for me, me, me!  While it is not a superbly done hat, and I’m definitely no designer, I really had a good time working this up all on my own.  I may have to expiriment more with this making-up-your-own-patterns-thing.  Oh, and I know it is a little pokey at the top, I haven’t washed and blocked it so I’m hoping that will help it out.  Here’s the stats:

  • Pattern – My own that I just made up as I went Moon_child_hat
  • Yarn – My handspun, a merino/mohair blend, colorway Moon Child by Snake River Fiberworks
  • Needles – US Size 2
  • Took me – A day
  • Comments – I love it, I may have to make another for myself!  Good thing I still have another skein of this yarn 🙂

Thanks for looking!  I have a few more finished things to show you this week, that is if I remember to get some photo shoots done by The Boyfriend.  Stay tuned.

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  1. It looks very nice! The colors are great.

  2. Oh, I love it!!! But you didn’t have to use your special yarn on me. Now I feel like a jerk for saying that I liked it in the first place! (You know I’ll now be forced to say that I don’t like anything you make…) j/k
    It’s beautiful!


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