Vegas on the brain

Just when I thought I was off the hook after planning and executing the Redwoods vacation, we up and decide to go to Las Vegas.  In case you missed it, we are going to see Bill Maher in December, just in time for Christmas!  I am super excited and cannot wait, so I’ve been scouring TripAdvisor and all of the other travel sites I can find to plan what we’ll be doing, where, we’ll be going, what we’ll be eating, etc.  So far it is just overwhelming trying to figure out from everything that is on the strip what to do (besides gamble of course!) and where to eat, mostly where to eat.  I’m adventureous to an extent but I hate going somewhere and having it not be good.  So the search will continue for now, in the meantime if you have any good tips for me, let me know!  I’m open to all suggestions 🙂

I did come across a pretty nice deal for a room though.  Never would I have ever thought I would be staying here, but the price wasn’t too much more than what we were planning already so now we are staying at The Bellagio – ooh la la, no?!  I know, they steal water from us here in Utah and shame on me, I’ll repent and redeem my karma somehow later!  I’ve decided to splurge as well and get a massage there at the spa, possibly even an in-room one.  I really could use one and I love a good massage, so Merry Christmas to me I guess.  Now I’ll just have to do a little shopping for a couple of nice-ish outfits to wear, as all I have on hand right now are jeans, khakis, and t-shirts.

Vegas isn’t going to be all gambling for us though. So far we are planning to see Hoover Dam and the Red Rock Conservation Area, among some other touristy sites.  Again, any suggestions on what to do besides hang in a casino will be greatly appreciated if you have them!  Okay, I’ve taken my break, now it’s back to the grind of planning…

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  1. The Bellagio – aren’t you the lucky one! Most of the places we go are quite a bit off the strip. I always make sure to go to Trader Joe’s while I’m there – all kinds of goodies to be found.

  2. I love planning trips!
    I recommend eating at the In-N-Out Burger for a quick cheap lunch. Even Julia Child loved In-N-Out.
    Hoover Dam ROCKS!
    We really enjoyed the Star Trek Experience thing. We might be bigger nerds than you are, but it was totally fun to eat the Star Trek themed foods, I particularly recommend the Holy Rings Of Betazed.
    My husband and our friends went on the roller coaster atop the Stratosphere and thought it was awesome. I was knocked up at the time so I skipped it (pregnant=not the best time for Vegas, but we had fun anyway).


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