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Knitting New Scarves.  Have you seen it?  Do you have it?  It is a really, really cool book.  I got my copy in the mail yesterday, after hearing of it here, and I am so glad!  Of course Grumperina’s post about it will be a lot better than mine, so if you haven’t read it go do so, and then go buy the book!  I haven’t had time to pick through it thoroughly but I can tell I’m really going to enjoy trying out the different techniques to make some unique new scarves.  Now the only question is which one to pick!

Yes, this is a ‘look over there’ post, because I have once again forgotten to take pictures of any Finished Objects I have lying around here to share with you.  I swear I’m going to remember to have The Boyfriend snap a few later on today.

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  1. I had the book in my shopping basket after reading that post too… and then I got to thinking: 5 dpns to work with to make one scarf??? Too much hassle and I know that I won’t be making anything out of the book even though it all looks gorgeous 🙂
    But maybe someone will knit me something out of that book if I provide yarn & payment hinthinthint… just kiddin’ hehehe.


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