I am America (And So Can You!)

If you’re looking for knitting content, stick around, I will have some!  I have some finished stuff that needs either blocking or a photo, I just have to get around to doing it.  I had a few more pictures of my most favoritest thing from our vacation, but it is ‘just’ more trees and I think I’ll save them for another day. 

I finished up this book the other day and I wanted to share my thoughts.  This book was fantastically hilarious, just like the show only better.  You don’t have to stop reading after a half-hour’s worth of funny!  Stephen gives his opinons through the whole book, from Higher Education to Old People and even Science.  It was especially fun reading it after I had just finished another opinionated book by ‘Papa Bear’ – or is it ‘Bert’?.  The are complete opposites in a similar way, which is just how Colbert intends it.  If you watch The Report, you’ll get it.  If you don’t, well you won’t.  All I can say is I laughed so hard through the entire book and I’m convinced that Stephen Colbert is one of the most intelligent people out there, and he’s extremely funny too.  I would vote for Colbert, if he wasn’t so damn funny and if they’d only put him on a ballot 🙂  Anyway, the book is great, I’d buy it (and I did) just for the fact that there is a copy of his infamous speech at the White House Correspondence dinner.  You’ve gotta admire a man who would stick it to the administration and the press like he did and not even think twice about it.  If you like him, go get it and read it.  It would be a great companion now that the writer’s strike is going on and we probably won’t get to see him again for a while 😦

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