California Redwoods

100_3360100_3379_2From Crater Lake in Oregon we booked it down to Eureka, California,100_3430_2 stopping only at a rest stop somewhere around the Rogue River and then once more in Crescent City.  Seeing the scenery change was really awesome, the trees started to get bigger and 100_3438_2more dense,   and w e could definitely tell once we entered the protected redwoods.  I didn’t realize the coast would have no sun, at all – I knew it would be foggy and misty and stuff, but it threw me because it was just so different from when we were on the coast in Oregon.  At times it was dismal, but we did our best to relax and have a good time.  Once we 100_3419_3were in the 100_3506redwoods it really didn’t matter anyway!  When we finally made it to Eureka it was getting late so we just checked in to our room and then went out to dinner, which was super good.  The next day we had a plan to head back up the coast and start our time in the Trees of Mystery.  The place was definitely a tourist site, but the short hike up to the100_3531 gondolas that take you to look out over 200+ feet tall trees was really fantastic. 

After that we stopped off at the Skunk Cabbage trail near Orick for a little hike.  The100_3564 whole trail went to the beach but it would have taken us about 4 hours to get there and back, so of course we just hiked for about a half an hour.  It was supposed to be an easy trail, but nothing in 100_3549the great outdoors is easy when you inevitably end up carrying a toddler while you do it.  We would have taken the baby backpack, but there wasn’t enough room in the car!  We also stopped in Trinidad to look at a lighthouse and go for another unexpected hike to get to the beach.  We definitely got our exercise in that day!100_3560_2

100_3558_2We took an unexpected turn to the Ladybird Johnson grove that turned out to be a fantastic surprise.  I had read about the old growth forests in The Wild Trees but I didn’t realize just how awesome one would be.  There were trees everywhere, and they were all gigantic ones.  We did the hike that took us around the mile or so loop, and it would have been 100_3614all good if there weren’t a couple of guys far enough behind us that we could still hear them cursing like crazy.  The best moment was when The Baby decided we just had to sit down, next to this really huge and tall tree – The Boyfriend kept going to get a shot of us and we look so small!  Leaving that place was a little100_3611 sad, I just hope that i t will be able to thrive and stay around for a lot longer.

That was quite the day, and I had planned on squeezing more into this post, but I think that would be too much, so next time I’ll tell you about the second day in Eureka and our time in Shelter Cove.

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  1. What wonderful photos! I just love those last two of the trees and the fog. Thanks for sharing!


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