Random things

Forgive me, I’m still working on the next vacation post.  It never fails that the time I pick to look at pictures is the time that The Baby needs me to play a game or help do a puzzle!  So I’m just going to do a kind of random thing here. 

I’ve been working on using up the Under the Sea yarn and I’m also done with all of it.  I managed to knit up a bulky, long, skinny scarf with fringe on Wednesday night.  Then last night I whipped out a pair of super simple fingerless mitts.  Today I’m working on a garter-stitch brim hat with the rest of it, hopefully I’ll be done with it soon.  I’d show you the stuff that’s done now, but I’d rather just show it all off as a set being that they are all matchy-matchy šŸ™‚

We are all finally feeling better around here (knock on wood – a lot!).  The trip to the ER on Sunday was to get The Baby’s case of pinkeye taken care of.  Honestly I would rather clean up puke than deal with pinkeye – it was really gross, poor kid.  Everything has cleared up and we are just working through the antibiotics.  One thing I’ve learned from the last month is that I really need to take my vitamins and eat better!  Being sick for a month is just ridiculous, so I better get my immune system back in check as best as I can right?

The biggest thing on my mind today is this!  I so, so want to go, and tickets go on sale tomorrow.  My big sister has already agreed to babysit for a few days so we can drive down there for a nice Christmas present – how awesome is she?!  (Love you sis!)  Hopefully we’ll be able to get some good seats and go have a rockin’ time – I loves me some Bill Maher šŸ™‚  Wish us luck on getting the tickets!

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  1. I just hope you enjoy it as much as I would enjoy sitting through a Bill O’Reilly production! šŸ˜‰


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