Strange Days

Yesterday was definitely one of them.  Since we are feeling a bit better we decided to go to gymnastics as you may have read in yesterday’s post.  I took the Moon Child yarn with me to show my sister and get some ideas on what I should make with it.  She immediately said she liked it and what should I make her out of it!  Anyway, after I got back home from dropping The Baby off at school following gymnastics, my sister calls me and asks if I looked at my blog.  So I look and see that she hijacked my blog!  (I gave her the password a while back when she wanted to blog about her kids)  We had a good laugh over it and talked about a few other things, one of them being that my sister-in-law is now pregnant (Yay!).  So later on I decide to write the lucky couple a congratulatory e-mail.  I just typed the SIL’s name in the To: box and hit send.  A while later Kara of Knitting Lemonade lets me know that indeed she is not pregnant and I have sent the wrong person the e-mail.  How embarassing is that?!  Too funny.  I hope I don’t get too red-faced when I see you at SnB again Kara 😉

100_4153In fiber-related news, 100_4154 I cannot stop spinning.  I’m totally hooked.  I finished up the rest of the Moon Child fiber and moved on to some Merino/Tencel that I picked up at Three Wishes.  This stuff is like butter!  It is so smooth and slick and shiny, I love it.  I just hope that I do a good enough job on it.  I also finished the Queen of Diamonds sock, and it looks like I might just have enough to eek out the other sock.  I only have about a gram or two to 100_4150100_4155_2play with so I’m really crossing my fingers now!

So the question is, what should I do with the approximately 360 yards of sport/dk weight Moon Child yarn?!  The sister already said she wouldn’t use fingerless gloves or mitts so that is out.  I’m willing to share, but I still need to make something for me out of it too – any ideas?  She wants a hat but I think she’s dreaming, right?

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  1. 360 yds is more than enough to make a hat.. I can make a hat with one skein (98 yds) of Kureyon and still have a bit left over.

  2. That’s pretty funny to think Kara would be pg!! You should be able to get a hat. Try Susan’s ‘Don’t Swatch’ hat.

  3. Believe me, I had a good giggle over that one. I was thinking to myself, “What has Erin been telling those grrrls behind my back at SnB?” haha

  4. A hat would look great in that yarn. I love the way your sock turned out too.

  5. Better that you sent an accidental email, than to mistakenly assume someone’s pregnant and ask them when the baby’s due…


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