How Rude!

Okay, so get this.  I go to gymnastics today with the Baby (she and my sister’s little girl have a class together so we meet them there each week), and you remember the yarn in my last post?  Well, I show it to my sister, and she thinks it’s pretty cool.  I ask her what she thinks I should make with it, and she starts rattling off all these things I should make for her with it!!!!  I mean, come on!  I meant what I should make for myself, but she just keeps going on and on and on about how much she likes the yarn and I should make something for her.

Now, I love my sister, but I think this is where I draw the line!!!

(Sorry, it’s not April Fool’s, I just thought this would be funny, based on our interactions today about your AWESOME yarn!  Time to change the password, eh?  Love you sis!!!)

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  1. Ally

     /  October 18, 2007

    Cool yarn!


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