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100_4146 100_4143The last few days I felt a strong pull to all things spinning.  So I got on my wheel and spun up some of this beautiful fiber from Snake River Fiberworks.  The colorway is Moon Child and I love it.  I don’t know if I did it justice, you can  see the small skein that I made there.  Forgive me, it is the bathroom floor and I couldn’t get the camera to focus very well.  This is pre-washed too.   I was aiming for some sock yarn but it ended up a little bit heavier than that.  I did one bobbin full of singles and then navajo plied it just so I could use it all up and I wanted to do a 3-ply.  I ended up with about 200 yards, maybe enough for a short pair of socks?  I hope?!  Anyway I still have another almost-3-ounces left but I was hoping to make some mitts or something out of the rest.  We’ll see what happens I guess!

I also found some handspun that I did a while ago hiding in my stash room and it was begging to 100_4148be knit up.  I immediately knew what I wanted to try with it, the Queen of Diamonds Socks!  So I’ve casted on and am making the small sock which fits perfectly.  I may even get a decent length on these as according to the scale I’m not even close to using up half of the yarn yet – I’m crossing my fingers though. 

Even more with the obsessing over unspun fiber, I stopped in at Spunky Eclectic and went a little crazy with some money that I got from selling our old cloth diapers.  Let’s just say there are a few pounds of fluff that should be heading my way soon!  What more could a girl want?

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  1. “Pounds of fiber”?? *whimpers* oh dear.. that sounds wonderful!

  2. You’re doing a fantastic job with your spinning – great!!!

  3. omg that is seriously gorgeous. Annnnnnnnnd, there went an email to snake river fiberworks asking how I can get some of that delicious roving.
    Damn enabler.


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