Too little time

We are going on vacation this Saturday for a week, and I’m doing all the planning.  Plus all the cleaning of the house, and trying to get some yard work in, and getting myself mentally ready for The Baby to start preschool tomorrow.  It is a little crazy here in my brain right now!  I’m knitting, but not as much as I’d like to be, and most of it is on Icarus, so I don’t have a whole lot to show for said knitting right now.  So the blog will probably be neglected for a couple of weeks.

We are going to northern California, with a couple of stops in Idaho and Oregon.  Most of the time will be spent on the northern California coast, with plenty of time to visit the Redwoods and just enjoy ourselves.  I can’t wait!!  We are driving this time rather than flying, so it will be pretty interesting to see how The Baby makes it on a long day’s drive.  Sadly we have to leave The Puppy at a kennel while we’re gone, I just don’t think we could keep track of both of the little ones in a strange place for a week.  Maybe next year she’ll be able to come with us wherever and if we go.  So if anyone out there knows of some yarn stores  in Boise, Eureka, or on the way home through Sacramento and Reno, let me know!  The Boyfriend said I could buy some vacation yarn and not break our deal we’ve got going – if you don’t know, I said I wouldn’t buy yarn for a year, and if I succeed he will buy me much yarn.  I’ve heard that jimmy beans wool has a store in Reno, and there are a few stores around Boise and Eureka but most of them don’t have a website that I can find.  I’ll appreciate any input!

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  1. Last month I was in Boise. Don’t miss Drop a Stitch downtown area and in Eagle, Handmade is fabulous!

  2. Bon Voyage!
    I will ask my friend Linda where she shops in Sacramento.

  3. Have a nice holiday, and I hope you find some yarn on you way.


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