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My little sis is in town, finally, after some time out of the state.  I’ve been busy the last couple of days shuttling her around and just hanging out.  I will be trying to help her out with things if I can, so my knitting time may be cut down a little bit.  I’m really happy that I’ve been able to spend a little time with her, it’s been too long!  I am still knitting though, can you guess what?  Of course it is socks, can you bear it any longer?!  Just kidding.

I found sew green through Lolly’s blog, and I’ve really enjoyed reading and getting good tips concerning the environment.  Sew green linked to No Impact Man, which I think looks really great, and I’m looking forward to reading more of his blog and learning a lot more.  I’d like to have less impact on the environment, and I try, but probably not enough.  I can count on my two hands things that I do to lessen my impact, but like most everyone I can do more.  Anyway, I just thought I’d share those, though I’m late in the game to learning about the blogs myself.

I traded books with my older sister yesterday.  She’ll be reading (she better!) The Assault on Reason and I’ll be reading Culture Warrior.  Honestly I don’t care much for Bill O’Reilly, he can really get on my nerves, and I’d rather hear the news than commentary so I don’t watch him.  I will admit that I’ve tried to watch and occasionally flip the channel over there.  I did see him on Oprah talking about this book a while ago, and I did agree with some of what he said, so I will take a stab at reading the book.  It is interesting to see what the other side thinks too. 

I’m thinking of having another contest, I just have to get creative and come up with a theme.  Or you can suggest something and I’ll steal your idea!  Stay tuned and have a great day 🙂

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  1. I’ve been reading No Impact Man for some time. Pretty interesting stuff. Certainly makes me re-think some of my wasteful ways.
    On a slight tangent, Zen Habits (http://zenhabits.net/) is also a good read. Good simplicity stuff.

  2. I really like Sew Green.
    I don’t think I could make myself read O’Reilly–I can’t take the vitriol that he spews on the radio (my grandparents are huge fans of his), but I respect you for giving “the other side” a chance.

  3. I read about No Impact Man in the New York Times a couple of months ago. Did you know he uses NO TOILET PAPER? I do not understand how I can really help the planet if it means using no toilet paper. It made me think nothing I could do would be enough, until I shook that off and just went back to recycling etc.
    O’Reilly’s just mean, but ditto what Katherine said.


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