The Real ID Act

Am I allowed another political rant yet?!  I came across this and I honestly could not believe it.  I can’t believe that I never heard of it when it was passed into law in 2005 and I am really amazed (I know I shouldn’t be) that it actually was passed.  It was tacked onto a bill that gave funding for the Iraq War and also Tsunami relief and was never debated or given any kind of consideration.  This Real ID is supposed to protect against terrorism, but it is basically a huge violation of privacy.  It was supposed to go into effect in May of 2008, but I read that it has been postponed until sometime in 2009.  The best part is that it is just a mandate with no funding, so the states will have to come up with the money to implement it.  Fortunately several states are already passing legislation that opposes the Act, and Utah is one of them.  The last activity I could find on Utah’s resolution was that it went to the Governor’s office for filing.  Now I’m not sure and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that the governor could veto it at this point?  So I wrote him and urged him not too, and I hope others have too!  And if you’re not in Utah, you should check out what is happening on it in your state and help to stop the madness.  I would like to keep what rights I have left to privacy.  This thing is really bad, and we need to fight it!  Okay, rant over. 

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  1. Hmpf. When will people wake up and call all this loss of freedom ‘over the line’? So many Americans are sleeping and are more interested in American Idol and other mind-numbing crack than the thieves-in-the-night who are stealing our freedoms. And I’m not talking about our so-called enemy in the bogus ‘war on terra’. Good for you for contacting the Governor about this.

  2. Well, I’m waiting til you find out about that law that Mr B passed… If I remember correctly, it states that as a president he can declare the constitution as null and void and thus, for example, elections do not affect him anymore… in other words, if someone else gets elected to be president, he can say that the constitution does not exist and thus he can stay president as long as he wants… first step to dictatorship?? The law (bill… whatever ya call it) was passed earlier this year.

  3. Well said.


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