Projects for the weekend

This weekend we are going to try and get more yard work done, but when I’m not doing that or cleaning, I have some yarny goals.  I want to work on the Spey Valley sock, I have finished the cuff and need to start on the leg.  I have yet to finish the Urban Aran due to some stupidity on my part.  The sleeve I’m working on is in a short time-out because I had to frog 30+ rows on it.  It helps to make sure you have the right amount of increases before you go working even, duh.  I would like to finish it though, and get everything blocked and hopefully finish up the collar.  I think putting a zipper in will be pushing it, so I’ll be happy if I get it all done except for that by Monday.  I also want to dig in to my Socks that Rock club yarn for June, I like the pattern that came with it too, so no big decisions to make there.  Thats about it, unless I get to some spinning.  It has been forever since I’ve spun anything and I have tons of stuff waiting in the wings.  I better get to it before I forget how! 

We are going to see Sicko tonight, should be interesting.  Have a good weekend!

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  1. I too feel the need of cleaning my house this weekend, but my hiusband have to help me out. Can’t use all my knitting time on my house. Have a nice weekend,housecleaning or not.


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