Urban Aran Progress

100_2769So I’ve pretty much been working only on the Urban Aran.  I’m really, really enjoying it besides when my hands start to hurt after too much knitting on too big of needles.  I’ve had to do a fair share of frogging due to not paying enough attention to the cable patterns, but I’ve been at peace with it and done the job (mostly) happily.  I just casted on for the second sleeve this morning, which is the last piece I have to knit.  I still have to pick up and knit the collar, but I am definitely in the homestretch!  I think I’ll be blocking what I have done today so I’ll be all ready for the collar knitting.  I’ve never blocked pieces and then put them together, but it makes sense to do so and so I will do it.  I can already tell I will love this sweater and get lots of use out of it.  Even the backs of the pieces look great!  I did decided to do it as a cardigan and not a pullover, that one just seems to make sense too.

I had planned on showing you my newly finished Mariah, but it is still drying, even after a whole day.  Maybe tomorrow!

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  1. I love the pattern – it looks great!


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