Deep-V Argyle Vest

I forgot to get the boyfriend to take a picture of this on me, but it doesn’t look that fabulous on me anyway, so you get a laid flat on the bed shot.  It ended up being a little too loose in the chest area, but everywhere else it is really snug.  I did try and adjust the pattern to my personal needs, but I still need some100_2765 work on that I guess.  I am still proud of having knit this project, I did a lot of things I hadn’t done before!  I did the crochet steeks, but they didn’t work out for me so I also did machine sewed steeks.  The colorwork was tons of fun and I love, love the way it turned out!  All in all, I’d say this is a pretty great knit, and if I did it again (which I’m very tempted) I’d be more careful to get it closer to my own measurements, and I would definitely use a lighter yarn.  The Telemark says it is a sport weight, but I think I’d consider it more of a heavy DK.  It just seemed like something even lighter would be better.  Anyway.

  • Pattern – Deep-V Argyle Vest by Eunny Jang
  • Yarn – Knit picks Telemark in Aubergine (5 balls) and Icicle (4 balls)
  • Needles – US Size 5
  • Took me – Under a week
  • Comments – Great knit, very fun to knit, just wished it fit me a tiny bit better.  Overall I’m pretty satisfied with the results!
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  1. You did a fabulous job!

  2. You are such a fearless knitter. Is there ANYTHING that’s too tough for you?? 😉

  3. Your Big Sister

     /  June 26, 2007

    It looks great!

  4. Sooo fab! You did an amazing job.

  5. The west is perfect, You made me want to knit it too, but so much wants and so less time. I think I have to stop working. Have a nice week.


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