WIPs for the weekend

So since it is summer now, and I just finished the Deep-V Vest, I decided I should cast on for…another sweater!  I should really be knitting socks, and it seems silly to knit sweaters in June, but the Urban A100_2733ran was calling to me and I could not resist.  I started on it last night and just cruised on through a good part of the back.  I am really enjoying all of the cabley goodness and I’m sad to see the side cables100_2734  go so soon!  The yarn I am using is Velley Yarns Berkshire in a nice light grey color.  It is a wool/alpaca blend and if anything it should be nice and toasty.  My only complaint so far is that there were two knots just after I started knitting with the first ball, I hope I’m not going to have knots all over the place in the yarn as I use more of it.  Its not a huge deal, since  I just spit and splice to join yarns anyway.  I’m feeling better from being sick, but I’m still taking it easy for a few more days.  Maybe I’ll get some buttons on the Bog Jacket and block this vest so I can show you them next week – have a good weekend!

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  1. That is really cute, Lauren!

  2. But how could you resist that sweater pattern…too cute! Love the vest. It looks awesome.


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