Finished Object

As I mentioned I’ve finished the top-down pullover.  I enjoyed this quick knit and even though it makes me look a lot bigger than I am right now, hopefully it will look better once I lose some weight.  I think I have to practice more on this method, I’m starting to really like it!  Anyway, here’s the stats:100_2675

  • Pattern – none, just a top-down raglan with help from Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top
  • Yarn – the top half is Cascade Bollicine Victor, and the bottom half is my handspun Spinderella Thrums stranded with Crystal Palace mohair
  • Needles – US Size 10 1/2
  • Took me – 4 days!

How about that pink/red hair?!  It was supposed to be highlights, but it kind of spread all over even though the package said it wouldn’t.  It is entertaining though, even if it is crazy.  Every time I look at it it seems like a different color.  Next time will be something more toned down though, for sure.

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  1. Hello Lauren, nice to “see” you, and the sweater is fine.

  2. I liked doing top-down raglans, too. And yowza, your hair sure is bright! Those are some “highlights”!

  3. It looks really warm, and I like the color!


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