WIProgress Report

Well I did manage to get some knitting in this weekend.  First off, I didn’t win anything gambling but it was sure a lot of fun doing it!  I lost a bit more than I wanted to but I’ll be okay.  It was kind of weird to still be there in the morning and do a little more pulling of the slots (that’s when I did the worst!), I think I like it better to wake up and just leave the place.  Anyway.

I did a few repeats on the basket weave pattern sock and it felt good.  I’d really like to get these done so I can cast on something different.  I did work a bit on the Show Your Colors Shawl too, I’m up to about 170 stitches or so now.  I got the Bog Jacket and the green pullover blocked, but I’ve yet to put buttons on the jacket – maybe today.  I would have liked to have gotten more stuff done, but there was shopping to do, ceiling fans to install, and ovens to clean – yuck!  Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll show you the green pullover 🙂

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