WIProgress Report

100_2621So I didn’t get a really good amount of knitting in until Saturday evening.  I started a top-down raglan using Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top, which is a great book by the way!  I’m using Cascade Bollicine Victor in a strange green that I got on sale long ago, and my handspun Spinderella’s Thrums, stranded with some mohair.  I’m more than halfway done!  As I said, the green is a little strange, but I’m thinking it will be fine.  I needed to get rid of it one way or the other, and why not just knit it up practicing the top-down sweater thing?  I really do like how it is turning out though – the rest of the sweater will be in the handspun, and I might do the body ribbing in the green.  I’ll still have two and a half balls of the100_2622 C100_2623ascade left, maybe 250 yards100_2624 , anyone want it?

I also finished the Boteh scarf, finally!  I’m sure I didn’t do the edging as it is supposed to be, but it was a little confusing so I just winged it.  I think it is fine, I still have to block it though. 

Besides the knitting, we went a little wild at Western Garden yesterday and got a few plants.  We planted a locust tree, an100_2625other peach tree (we have one already), a couple of spruces and some ground coverish plants.  I got lots of weeding done around the yard so we won’t weed whack or mow over the little plants like we’ve done countless times, duh!  I’m almost done with this round of garden weeding too.  And the boyfriend fixed up the greenhouse so hopefully we will be done with weeds in there too.  We’ve been trying for a few years now to get some good trees going but most of them ended up dying on us, so we decided it would be worth it to splurge and get a bigger, more established one.  Cross your fingers for us!  I’m reading up too, with Jerry Baker, so I should have a little more knowledge on my side.  I don’t wanna kill ’em this time!  At least if we can’t have decent grass, we should be able to have some decent trees, right? 

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  1. Mmmmmm. Home-grown peaches. Can’t beat ’em!

  2. Tree death. I feel you there. Same with the damn grass.


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