Finished Object

100_2602 I finished the Verical Eyelet socks, finally!!  I decided to just buckle down and get them done, and I did just that.  It really wasn’t as painful as I was making it out to be in the end.  I started at the heel yesterday morning and zipped right throu100_2601gh the leg by the end of the day.  I didn’t like them much while I was knitting them, but now that they are done I am pretty happy with them.  The yarn is self-dyed, but I really think I could have done a better job with it.  Oh well.  Here are the stats:

  • Pattern – Vertical Eyelet Socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks
  • Yarn – Not sure!  I would like to say that it is Wool2dye4 fingering weight, but I can’t be sure.  Dyed by me.
  • Needles – US Size 0, Knitpicks dpns
  • Took me – Far too long, about a month?
  • Comments – I think I like the pattern, but I would like it even more on larger needles 🙂
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