WIProgress Report

100_2599Well I finally made some progress in the crafty department this weekend.  I finished the first Basket 100_2598Weave sock.  It seemed like it took forever, but I’m really happy with it.  It is not bad for a cheap yarn!  I’m also making headway on the second Vertical Eyelets sock.  I’ve started the increases for the heel and hopefully soon I’ll be ready for the heel flap.  I also started spinning the Navajo Blue Face Leceister wool, and I am quite pleased with how it is coming along.  I think it will be a 2-ply yarn.

100_2600Besides that stuff, I did lots of weeding in the garden, and I’m happy to say we have lots of stuff coming up!  We should have some delicata squash (yum!), zucchini, beans, snap peas, loads of peppers and tomatoes, and then I’m not sure if it is cantaloupe or pumpkins.  I drew out the garden plans but then promptly threw it away, so much for that!  The only other things that didn’t make it are the carrots and basil.  We definitely are having more luck so far this year than last though, so I can’t complain.  We’re already eating 100_2543strawberries from our little patch, so delicious 🙂

We also took The Baby and The Puppy out for an hour and a half hike on Saturday morning.  It was really great.  The skies were kind of overcast but it never did rain, it just stayed nice and cool for us the whole time.  I’ve gotten lots of activity in besides that and man am I feeling a little zapped.  But I feel great still, I love it when the soreness from working out goes away and I just feel myself getting healthier and stronger.

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  1. Your Basketweave sock looks really great – it’s a fun pattern to do, isn’t it? I also love the colorway you chose, so warm and beautiful! And awww, there’ll be quite some goodies coming from your garden this year, all this sounds so yummy!


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