WIPs for the weekend

I have a few things I really want to work on this weekend.  In the picture we have the Happy Hooker book open to the Color-Bay Blanket pattern.  Yep, I learned the granny square technique and I’ve already made 4 squares for the blanket.  Only 136 more to go!  Now that I think about it, I just might make the squares bigger so that I don’t have to do as000_0091_3  many, we’ll see.  The fiber is about 4 ounces of Blue Face Leceister from Wasatch Watercolors in the Navajo colorway.  The sock on the bottom is Knitpicks Dancing yarn, and I’m doing a Basket Weave pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks.  The other thing is the start of the second Vertical Eyelet socks, the toe is done and I’m ready to start the pattern!  The rest of my weekend should be filled with some desperately needed house cleaning, getting out to enjoy the weather provided it is not raining, and of course dinking around on ravelry!  I’ve started putting my stash in, and now have 105 items listed – whew! 

I guess I’ll put this in here too since it is progress and today is my weigh-in day – I’ve lost 3 pounds since last week!  I’ve been working out everyday, mostly on the treadmill doing walking and jogging.  I also picked up the wimpy 3 pound weights again, and dusted of my Crunch! Pilates dvd.  The hiking helps too, as does getting out more to walk The Puppy.  I’ve been counting calories and I also joined Weight Watchers online which hasn’t helped me in the past but I’m really enjoying and am super motivated by it right now.  It is kind of interesting to do that and calorie counting at the same time and compare the two.  Anyway.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Way to go on getting out and exercising! Your WIP look like lots of fun. I enjoyed your blog from yesterday. I count stitches while I knit – even when I don’t have to. I just like counting I guess. OCD? Maybe. But until I can’t sleep because of knitting and counting, I will keep on keeping on…1,2,3…

  2. My WIP-week went right west, I’m now knitting on my third shawl form the Kauniyarn. Well, plans are for changing. Have a nice weekend.


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