WIPs for the weekend

I didn’t post anything the last two days because there was nothing to speak of.  I have done no spinning this week, and I’ve been kind of overloading my brain too much to think of a second random post.  In between yard work and laundry I have been knitting though, quite a bit on the Spring Things Shawl specifically.  So my projects for the weekend are these:

  • Finish the Spring Things Shawl.  I am finished with Chart B and have started on the last chart.  I’m so excited!  I was so happy to be adding beads and I’m almost sad that there are no mo100_2231re to be added at this point.  I suppose I could do another repeat, but I’d rather just finish the shawl.  I’m already planning on doing another with some Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud that I’ve got here in the stash.
  • Finish the Vertical Eyelet sock.  I’m been fiddling for days with the Reverse Dutch Heel after screwing it up multiple times.  But I am on track and I’m ready to finally finish the sock.  They will be close to anklets as I really don’t have that much yarn, using 0 needles is really sucking up the yarn too.
  • Start reading my new book, The Wild Trees.  After hearing about it on both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I figured I better get it and read it for myself.  I just have to figure a way to rig the book so I can multi-task with the knitting. 

That’s about it for this weekend, I still have tons of yard work and cleaning to do so I don’t even know how much of that stuff up there I’ll get done.  We are also heading to the Plant Sale at Wasatch Community Gardens, I’ve never been but it sounds like fun.  TGIF!  I have been jonesing all week for some more Bill Maher, what can I say, I’m totally hooked!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think I heard Preston interviewed on NPR about that book; I remember him from _The Hot Zone_ (the ebola book I never read). Maybe I’ll put that on my library list…
    Shawl looks awesome, as usual. Are you keeping it, or is it a gift?


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