Finished Objects

There are a few items that have been waiting in the wings to be shown off.  First, I have finished the Anniversary Socks!  I am in love with these socks.  They took me a little longer than I100_2117 wanted them too, but I think it was mostly because I had other things I was trying to get done at the same time.  The pattern is simple and easy to memorize, but it is really lovely at the same time.  I’m just sorry that I couldn’t get better pictures.  Okay, here are the stats:

  • Pattern – Anniversary Socks by Nancy Bush from the 100_2120_2book Favorite Socks
  • Yarn – Regia Silk, just under 2 balls
  • Needles – US Size 1
  • Took me – I’m guessing, but about 2 weeks
  • Comments – I love everything about these!  They are a great fit, I love how the yarn feels, and I really liked knitting them.  I highly recommend them!  I did do a star toe instead of the one called for in the pattern due to length issues.  I wanted to finish the pattern repeat before starting the toe, and that’s the way I had to do it.

Now my next finished object is far less interesting, it is my first all crochet project  – yes I’ve caught the bug too!  I picked up The Happy Hooker last week 100_2080and decided my first project should be a skull potholder.  I didn’t do a fantastic job, but I was happy just to make it all the way through it.  I know I could have done better crocheting the two pieces together, but oh well.  This 100_2079is what was distracting me from spinning last week if you can believe it.  While I won’t be ditching my knitting, I do want to experiment more with crochet.  Here’s the silly stats:

  • Pattern – Skull Potholder from The Happy Hooker
  • Yarn – Lion Cotton and Bernat Handicrafter Cotton
  • Hook – US Size H/8
  • Took me – a day
  • Comments – Yes I know, it looks more like an alien!  I will use it and love it anyway.

I have one more item, they are Cat Bordhi’s Coriolis socks.  Now I didn’t do good with the yarn, I should have made sure that the patterning didn’t match up (it is double stranded).  So they are just stripey, instead of a cool variegated type thing.  Anyway, these socks were so much fun to knit!  At first I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but I figure Cat Bordhi is a genius and I should really just trust the pattern.  So I did, all but knitting on a size smaller needle.  You can’t really see the stripe that goes around and up the sock so I didn’t add a side vi100_2090 ew, but trust me, it is cool.  Here’s the stats on these:

  • Pattern – Coriolis sock by Cat Bordhi
  • Yarn – OnLine, I don’t know the color
  • Needles – US Size 5 – I did the magic loop method
  • Took me – a day
  • Comments – Fun fun fun!  It was really cool just to do up a sock in a different way.  The heel flap was especially cool.  You should try for yourself!

So that’s all I have folks – have a great day!

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  1. The anniversary socks look fabulous! The pot holder is a hoot. You do great work.

  2. That crocheting bug is contagious. It’s just not as stimulating as knitting, though, so I’m alternating between the two. 😉

  3. Very very cool socks. I love the toe mod; you’re so right to finish the pattern repeat. I’m adding those to my list. I love them in the solid color.
    Also dig the Coriolis socks. They will be good this winter.
    The skull needs crossbones to look more skully. But how many people have a skull warshrag? A select few, I say!

  4. Those Coriolis socks look really nifty. I might have to give those a try.

  5. Hey!
    You watch knitty gritty too!
    I saw that episode and that whaaaaaaaaa?
    But now that I know you tried them and liked them, I am thinking I need to give them a whirl.
    The anniversary socks turned out beautiful..and your potholder is awesome! I love that pattern!

  6. oh cools socks, love the crochet too.


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