Spinning Thursday

I tried to do some spinning yesterday, but my heart and mind were’nt in it.  I was completely somewhere else, and I’ll tell you where, but not now.  I started and finished a small project but that will have to wait too!  Anyway, I started spinning the rest of the alpaca that I have.  I believe that it is from the same local c100_2083ompany as the last batch, Alta Mist Alpacas – but I am not exactly sure so don’t quote me on it.  It is bundled up the same way, that’s why I’m guessing it is from the same place.  It is nothing exciting, just a pretty blue of course because I love blue.  I originally thought I could add it to the pizazz to make sure I had enough for a nice pair of socks, but now I’m not so sure.  It might not match well, who knows though, we’ll see.  I only spen100_2087t an hour on it yesterday, but I want to get it done so I’ll spend more time on it today and over the weekend I think.

I do have the Pizazz all plied and washed and ready to go though!  It ended up being about 200 yards or just under, I don’t remember exactly.  I should get organized and make little tags or something to go on my yarns so I know what they are huh?  I can’t even tell you the wpi on it because I still can’t find my spinner’s control card!  I love it though, I don’t know how great of a job I did on the navajo plying either but I’m sure that it will work out just fine.  Its crazy isn’t it?!

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