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I don’t really have much for today, so I thought I’d share my thoughts about salad – I know, what a dork!  What can I say, I really love salad.  And now that the weather is getting better, the produce is getting better and I can start to enjoy salads again.  When I have to, I’ll go for the spring mix salad in the big tubs at the store, but I’d much rather have some nice green and red leaf lettuce!  Now my green salads aren’t usually anything special, but I do have some must-haves that make them pretty decent in my opinion.  First, organic lettuce is an absolute MUST!  I’m sure that it is better for you, and it tastes way better than 100_2078the other stuff, it really does.  While we’re at it, just skip the iceberg altogether, there’s nothing there for you – lol.  I also have to have organic celery and carrots, but the rest can be just fine if it is conventional.  Usually my salads are just lettuce, celery, carrots, peppers, onions, and radishes.  Sometimes I throw turkey or chicken in, maybe some turkey bacon if we have it.  I love avocados but I tend to go overboard with them so I don’t buy them often, but there is nothing like a turkey, bacon, and avocado salad – yum!  The key for me for my salads is oil, not ordinary oil but avocado oil.  Yes it is expensive, but even a teaspoon goes a long way and it is really, really good.  Of course when I’m not having oil on my salad, there is plain old balsamic vinegar which is good too.  So why am I talking about salad?  Because once again we are back on the (South) beach, and salad is what I’ll be having pretty much every day for lunch for a while.

So, how do you like your salad?!

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  1. I don’t make salads at home because it tends to be too expensive to get all of the ingredients. I order them at restaurants and usually either go for a chicken caesar salad or chef salad with boiled eggs,ham,turkey,cheese,cucumbers,etc. Also lots of ranch or thousand island dressing.. yum!

  2. I eat a LOT of salads. I like mesclun and/or spinach and/or romaine, mixed with packaged organic broccoli-slaw (slivered broccoli stems, carrots, cabbage), topped with whatever variety of veggies I have on hand (mushrooms, avocado, bell peppers, carrots, black olives, etc.), and usually a sprinkling of feta cheese and a few pine nuts or sunflower seeds. If it’s for a main course, I’ll add protein – garbanzo or kidney beans, chicken, tuna, etc. For salad dressing, I like Newman’s Own Olive Oil Vinaigrette (or his Light Italian) because I don’t usually want to bother making my own, but I think I need to start doing that.
    Oh, and unless I’m using mesclun, I prefer my salads ‘chopped’. Much easier to eat, and I get all those flavors mixed up together.

  3. Johanna

     /  April 17, 2007

    I love salad, too. I like to use the mixed salad greens (I think that it comes in a package). I like to put grilled chicken on top. My body seems to crave it pretty frequently. Perhaps I was a rabbit in a former life?
    What is your favorite sock yarn? I am fairly new to sock knitting and have tried Claudia Handpainted, Cherry Tree Hill, a German self-striping brand (forgot the name), and some acrylic baby weight yarn. I like the Claudia Handpainted the best so far.
    Also, what is your favorite lace weight yarn? I would like to start knitting lace this summer. My first project will be a scarf and then a shawl. Do you have any recommendations for pattern’s, too?
    Thanks much. Johanna

  4. Awww, this is a truly yummy salad indeed! Spring and summer are my “salad-times” too – in winter I’m not so much into it strangely, I need more hearty stuff then – but salads in summer, that’s the best indeed! I like my mixed salad greens with everything, meaning I just hit the fridge and put everything on and in it that I find – tomatoes, cucumber, olives, anchovis, cheese, chicken and whatnot – oh, and hard boiled eggs. Yummy – you made me all hungry now 😉


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