WIPs for the weekend

100_2015So the last themed day is Friday, for showing works in progress, or rather the WIPs I want to make the most progress on over the weekend.  This time around, we have Anniversary Socks from the Favorite Socks book.  I am using Regia Silk in a loverly plain brown, and oh my do I love this yarn!  So soft and luxurious, yummy.  I am also loving the pattern, it is fairly simple but really elegant at the same time.  Selfish me is going to love these socks.  I will predict that I will make it through this one sock by Monday. 

My sister’s cute little babies are going to be blessed next month, and she has requested 100_2016baby socks.  I had to go out and buy the yarn because I had no white and soft sock yarn, so I ended up with Panda Cotton.  At first I had mixed feelings because the yarn can be super splitty, but the fabric ended up being really nice.  It has that bamboo in it which also makes it really soft and shiny.  I think I like it for this, but 100_2017I honestly don’t know if I’d use it again.  Maybe is because I’m using metal needles?  I dunno.  Anyway.

There is also my poor, neglected Spring Things Shawl.  I started it one night, made it to about 100 stitches and it hasn’t seen my hands since.  I really want to get some work done on that one so I’m not the last one done knitting it!

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