WIPs for the weekend

100_1900It seems like everything I’m doing right now is taking forfreakingever.  I’ve decided I have too many projects in progress – I liked it better when I was just knitting one thing at a time.  Did I really just say that?!  I swore I would never be a one-project knitter, and realistically I probably won’t, but I’m thinking 4 should be my maximum number.  Any more than that and I just start to feel overwhelmed.  Anyway.  100_1907

  • I did a few rows on Icarus, but I still have 18 more until I finish a repeat.  Actually I might even be frogging it and switching to smaller needles, it might not be lacy enough.  What do you think?  Right now it is on size 1s, but I’m thinking I may have been not right when I decided that was okay.
  • I’ve got about 100 stitches on the Spring Things Shawl.  I can safely say that I will not be knitting this one in two weeks!  I feel like a snail when it comes to this one, it’s been too long since my last shawl.
  • I almost have one of the super secret socks done.  I don’t want to talk more about that –100_1908  lol.
  • I am halfway through the second RPM sock.  I’m using blogless Karen’s Sleeping Dragon yarn in the Indian Corn colorway, and it is really fun.  The sock knits really fast at only 54 stitches and it is making a really nice fabric.  I’m reversing the second sock so the spiral goes the opposite direction, and the coloring is going the wrong way too (not on purpose but I can live with it).

100_1911_2That’s about it.  I will have the RPM socks done by Monday, and I’m hoping to have the super secret soc100_1903k done as well and have started on the second one.  I will knit that one exclusively until it is done so I can finally give it to my sister.  After that I need to finish the other socks in progress so I don’t fall behind on the 52 pair plunge.  I will probably try and make another batch of Focaccia bread – yum.  Have a nice weekend!  Here is The Baby showing her true personality, she’s such a joker!

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  1. Well, 4 projects is nothing at all. I manage to forget all of mine, for a little while. My Icarus is over a year old, but I hope I may finish it…..some day.

  2. Hey Lauren!
    First off I wanted to let you know I recieved my prize yarn on Thursday. It is lovely! So soft, I kept petting it. =)
    Anyway, great timing because now you show me the Sprink Things KAL and am very tempted to join up..like I don’t have enough on the needles already….(but the yardage for the shawl is perfect with the yarn you sent me…and my niece is getting married this summer and has hinted she would like a shawl…)
    yeah, anytime you want to feel better about the multiple WIP thing, just come on over to my blog, you will feel better in no time!


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