If you came to see Branching Out…

Its not here yet.  Sadly I had a bad and busy day yesterday and just didn’t get to blocking it yet.  I hope to today.  I did do knitting yesterday.  I knit up a whole sock from that handspun, but now that it is done I’m not sure if I like it – I did it on size 4s, and I’m thinking maybe I should have done it on 3s.  We’ll see.  I also worked on the super secret sock for my sister, and I made sure to get her measurements (its not that secret, she knows about it but not what it looks like) so I’m all set to finish them.  Too bad I’m really not enjoying the yarn I’m using – I’ll tell you more when I can.

So for lack of anything better, did you see Susan’s new shawl pattern?!  I’m so excited about it – I’ve already bought and printed it out, and I even have some Zephyr and beads from Earth Faire.  I also went here and picked up some more beads and the proper crochet hooks.  I’m ready!  Though I should probably be thinking about finishing Icarus first, huh?  Again, we’ll see. 

I posted these goals over at the Stashalong blog, but I’ll post them here too.  This month I want to:

  • Knit 4 pairs of socks
  • Do a repeat of chart 1 on Icarus
  • Finish the basic hat I’ve got on the needles
  • Spin me up some decent sock yarn

I’m going to need lots of luck on the spinning sock yarn, so far I’m just not getting it.  I mean, I can spin yarn and knit it into socks, but its nothing like some other people can do.  I don’t practice nearly enough though, so I’m sure that’s a lot of my problem. 

Last but not least, Eva is having a contest!  Go visit her and tell her what you’d do with all of her yummy sample yarn and get a chance to win some great prizes!

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