Spinning weekend

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I’m really excited about a few things and just have to share.  First, 100_1868I’m calling the Darling coat done, as I failed miserably at trying the embroidery.  It’ll just have to do being plain like this.  I posted about it over at the Twisted Knitters blog, but I’m adding the stats to this post.

  • Pattern – Darling by Marie Grace Smith
  • Yarn – my own handyed handspun bulky weight
  • Needles – US Size 9
  • Took me – I have no idea, a long time!
  • Comments – I’m really proud of this coat, and I’m extra happy that she likes it!  It’s not perfect, but in it’s own way yes it is. 

She wasn’t happy about having her picture taken, so if she looks upset, you’re right – she was very.  I felt an uncontrollable urge to spin this weekend, it 100_1875started on Friday.  I finished up the last of Spinderella’s thrums over there on the left, and I wound up the first batch in prepping for a scarf to make with it.  Now I just need to decide on the right stich pattern to use.  I also spun up some fiber that I got from Three Wishes.  It is an alpaca/merino/silk blend in the colorway Jamaican Nights, a little over 4 ounces.  The goal was to spin a 3-ply sock yarn.  I think I mostly succeeded.  I did the ‘about’ method of separating the fiber into 3 parts – I looked at it, said this is ‘about’ a third, and pulled100_1876 each section apart that way.  It pretty much worked, only one bobbin still has a bit left on it, which I’ll probaly try and figure out Navajo plying with.  I ended up just short of 200 yards, and it is about 16-18 wpi, so I guess it isn’t exactly sock weight, but I’m sure that it’ll work for socks.  I hope that the small amount will still work for socks, anyone have an opinion there?  I know the fiber blend being alpaca may not be great for socks, but I’m thinking bed socks, and in that case it will be fine.  I absolutely love this colorway, I think it turned out gorgeous!

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  1. Love the coat, and the alpaca yarn is seriously droolworthy. Great job. I think you could probably squeeze some short-legged socks out of that.

  2. You did it! Good girl!
    Sometimes it is so hard to put the last “oomph” into a project isn’t it? But when we finally do, it feels amazing!
    I can tell the little one is upset to have her picture taken..but the photo is so dang cute. =)

  3. I love the darling coat it’s so cute.


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