So close

100_1793So I finished the second Inside Out sock yesterday, not bad eh?  One sock in one day!  Well now I have to rework the first, because I decided I needed them a bit longer than I had originally done.  They are not matching perfectly, but pretty close I think!  I just now found out though, that I have to rework the leg of the first sock.  Apparently for some reason the beginning of the row was different, so the cables would not have been in the same spots – stupid huh?  Well I will have them all done later on today for sure. 

Heather asked about my house cleaning, though I don’t know why you would think my house is100_1795 clean!  I’ll be honest, I don’t clean as much as I should.  It just isn’t fun, and I’d rather be enjoying myself, wouldn’t you?!  I do have a schedule of which room to clean on which day, and I mostly stick to it.  I do vacuum a couple of times a week when the dust becomes apparent, but I don’t even really dust then, how silly is that?  I have my hot spots that get a lot of clutter built up, and when it starts to get to me, I have to tidy up.  Having a puppy helps, The Baby’s toys and basically everything else cannot stay on the floor or it will get chewed (for now), so that really helps keep the place clean.  So to sum it up, there is no secret, and I’m pretty much overall a big old slacker, all in the name of knitting!  Slackers unite!

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  1. You are no kind of slacker. Me, I have no schedule, and when someone’s going to come over, I run around trying to clean up so as not to embarrass myself too much. Reactive Housekeeping.
    I think you should give yourself more credit!

  2. A sock in a day? Of course you did. You are the sock master!

  3. Oh those words and the schedule sound like Fly Lady 🙂 I’ve never gotten past the first couple of purges for 1 night table hehehe.
    Maybe one day I’ll get there 🙂
    Cheers Eva

  4. I love Heather’s comment… I’m definitely a Reactive Housekeeper too. I’ve gotta remember that one.


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