Ribbed Socks

I finished the Patons Kroy socks last night.  They are nothing spectacular, just a pair of funky colored ribbed socks.  I tried and tried to use up the yarn, but I had to do the right length for me, and even these are a bit too tall!  Anyway, here’s the stats:100_1791

  • Pattern – none, just some help from Sensational Knitted Socks. 
  • Yarn – Patons Kroy color #54567, almost 2 balls
  • Needles – US Size 1 CP dpns
  • Took me – 4 days
  • Comments – I like the end result, but I probably wouldn’t buy this yarn again.  It is on the verge of being scratchy so it wasn’t fun to knit with, but  hopefully it will wear well.

Mor100_1792e notes on the socks.  I did a short row heel and toe, which I think I’ve decided I don’t really like i100_1789n this application.  A garter short row toe and heel?  I like that a lot.  Anyway, I did 2 x 2 ribbing throughout the foot and leg, then switched to a 1 x 1 for the cuff.  I started with 66 stitches, but after the heel I had to decrease 2 stitches to make the rib work out.  I think it’s cool how it totally changed the patterning of the yarn. 

Next up will be the second Inside Out sock, and then I think I’ll reunite with the naughty Pomatomus sock.  Then I will be ready for the 52 pair plunge!  If I can force myself to do it, I still need to work on the Darling coat – give me crap about that would ya’?!  Maybe it’ll help me to get on the ball with it.

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  1. It will be interesting to see if they soften up at all when you wash them…
    For such a prolific knitter, your house is really clean. What is the secret of your success? You must be the Queen of Energy to get all that done.

  2. Hey, I e-mailed Elizabeth (of The Plunge) and we’re allowed to finish started pairs during our 1-year stint. She told me she has several pairs too and is keeping them for when she’s stretched for time… Just a lil’ tip πŸ™‚
    Cheers Eva

  3. You know Lauren,
    The socks are great and all….but don’t you have a coat you are supposed to be working on? And if I am correct is it not for the baby? And don’t you want her to be able to wear it before she get’s to big for it?
    (Hey, you told me to do it! Trust me, I understand..sometimes I need a push as well. πŸ™‚ The socks look really cool BTW.)

  4. I hated working with the Kroy on my first pair as well. Someone told me to toss them in the washer and dryer a couple of times. They are now some of my favorite socks–very cushy. I think these are knitted on 2s. (I’m wearing them as I type.) I still enjoy knitting more with other yarns, but I’m going to do some Kroy socks for my DH. They are more the weight that he likes.


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