Finished stockinette socks

100_1771I am finally done with all of the stockinette socks from my dyeing stint!  I did actually have one other half pair, but I decided I didn’t really like it and it will be frogged.  Anyway.  These socks are now finished for the second time.  I had them done once before, until I realized they had been done on different needles, duh!  So I frogged an entire sock and did it on the smaller size, and they fit beautifully now 🙂  Look – they are even pretty much matchy-matchy too!  If you couldn’t tell, it was my attempt at fake fair isle and striping.  I am sure glad to be done with them.  While they are just simple socks, I’m happy to say that I can now knit a sock without a pattern, I know the formula that works for me – woot!  Here’s the lowdown:100_1772

  • Pattern – none, with help from Sensational Knitted Socks. 
  • Yarn – Knitpicks’ Bare Superwash, dyed by me
  • Needles – Size 1 CP dpns
  • Took me – too long, I’m not even going to look it up
  • Comments – These socks are definitely out there, no?!

So I’ve started another pair of socks.  I decided to go even further with my knitting karma and dive dee100_1773p in the stash for stuff that has been there for ages.  I ended up with this wacky Patons Kroy yarn.  So I decided to go toe-up and I’m just doing a 2 x 2 rib.  I’m getting close to the heel.  This yarn isn’t bad, it isn’t the most pleasant to knit, but I’m thinking the socks should last long.  Isn’t it the worse the yarn feels the more durable it is?! 

A100_1774nd for some randomness, I thought I’d show you just how organized I am.  I try to clean up my desk once a week, but it always seems to get trashed now matter how good a  job I do.  This is how it looks today (I skipped this week).  There’s even more on the other side, but I think that’s enough!  At least I got rid of the huge pile of knitting stuff in my chair that was about to overflow.  This is my main space to keep my stuff, so I guess I probably am not doing too bad given the tiny amount of space – there are only so many places where the puppy can’t reach and where The Baby doesn’t terrorize!

Happy knitting and have a good weekend!  We are off this morning to pick up my niece for another fun-filled sleepover! 

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  1. You are queen of the FOs!
    Should I post a pic of my knitting mess now? Not sure I have the nerve….

  2. the socks look awesome. even better since you dyed them!

  3. They’re a great match!

  4. Bright yellow springy socks just in time for summer weather;-) I think you’ll have a chance to wear them, however!

  5. These socks look so happy and cheerful in these beautiful spring-ey colours – great work! I also love the new pair that you’re working on right now! Great!


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