I hate mistakes

100_1767Especially big ones.  My Pomatomus socks were done yesterday, or so I thought.  I laid them on top of each other and do my horror found that one (the first one) was abo100_1768ut an inch shorter than the other!  I was so pissed off.  I did what I had to though, and frogged back to before the heel flap.  The sock is in time out though, because I cannot hold it without wanting to go outside and yell curse words – lol.  So I’m going to finish the yellow and orange stockinette sock, in hopes of getting some good knitting karma.  I’m on the gusset shaping right now, not bad considering I had only 7 rows of ribbing when I started on it yesterday.

I guess I have sock fever.  I can’t get enough!  After visiting Cookie’s website yesterday, I am already pl100_1769otting another sock – the Twisted Flowers pattern.  I have some Louet Gems Pearl that is leftover from the Dye-o-rama fun, only it probably isn’t enough.  But looking through my stash I found I have a suprisingly meager amount of solid colored yarn.  So I’m going to take a stab at it with this approx. 300 yards and see what happens.  I think even if I only get one pattern repeat in on the leg they will still be pretty great. 

Lucky me gets to go to an oral surgeon today to see if we should take my wisdom teeth out – yay.  I still have all four, and since I get lots of headaches and pressure in my mouth, I’m thinking that they may be part of the culprit.  Not that I can afford mouth surgery right now, but if it means I’ll be a happier person it just may be worth it.

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  1. Ummm… before you start those Cookie Socks… listen to episode 29 of the Lime & Violet podcast… Violet is struggling with this pattern. She says you have to pay attention to each and every stitch… no memorizing or flying through a pattern repeat.
    My head started hurting just from hearing her tell about it LOL.
    Cheers Eva

  2. Good luck at the oral surgeon’s!


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