A visual aid might help

Yesterday I talked about my Icarus yarn and I didn’t even show it to you, duh!  Well here it is, my Icarus so far.  I’m almost done with the second repeat of chart #1.  It is a little stripey at times, but I 100_1763think as it gets bigger it should mellow out a bit.  I think the colors are nice though, kind of bright and fiery on the orange spots.  It’ll work, right?  Please tell me it will work?!

In other stuff, I finished the second Pomatomus sock, but now I have to redo the toe on the first one.  Speaking of Cookie A., we can buy her sock patterns now!  This made my day – I’ve been waiting since seeing all of the beautiful socks in preparation for Stitches West and now I can have them!  Or, I could, if I wasn’t so broke.  Well maybe I can sneak one in…

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  1. Hi ,Lauren!
    OK. I love the Icarus shawl. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
    I actually like variegated yarns for lace..and I think that it is just a personal thing what you prefer.
    I think that Icarus is “gentle” enough..meaning not “busy” with the lace patterns…too carry off the bright colors.
    And the Cookie A site…unbelievable. I too am poor, but I think I am just going to have to eat top ramen for the rest of the month..and buy one of each pattern. =)
    Hey, I got my priorites in order!

  2. I just know you’re going to have your Icarus finished before I even get started on the lace. Sigh.

  3. I was thrilled to see Cookies patterns too. They are beautiful!


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