The latest sock

100_1741 I still haven’t weaved in the ends of the second Amber hat so I’m not going to show it yet.  I’ll try to get off my lazy butt and do it today.  I told you about the Pomatomus socks that I’m knitting from Socks that Rock Seduction yarn, a 50/50 merino/tencel blend for anyone who doesn’t know.  I picked the yarn up last year when we went to Oregon for the fiber festival, the colorway is Puck’s Mischief.  I am in love with this yarn.  It is so soft, silky, stretchy, shiny, the list can go on.  I have turnes the heel and I’m heading for the foot .  I can’t wait until they are done for two reasons – 1) I get to wear them! and 2)100_1742 I get to start my new sock pattern that came with the STR February sock club kit!  The pattern is pretty cool, I’m sure there will be some finished socks showing up soon on the new blog.  I’m not doing mine out of the yarn that came though, I’ll be using my Pink Granite yarn from last year’s club.  It just seems like the thing to do.  That’s all I’ve got today, have a good one!

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  1. Are you going to use the new pattern? Eileen brought hers last night. It’s really pretty.


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