Dabbling in dog grooming

I didn’t get anything else finished yesterday.  The felted hat looks like it will be too tall, I need to do another felt cycle before I know for sure.  I started another Amber hat and got halfway through it, and I made it through the ribbing on a new pair of Pomatomus socks – Dixie and I ended up having matching STR Seduction yarn, so we are making matching socks!  She’s way ahead of me though, and I’m such a slacker lately she’ll probably beat me to the punch long before I even finish one sock.  I also spun a bunch of singles for the embroidery on the Darling coat, maybe I’ll actually do it sometime this weekend.  That’s all in the crafty department.  Nina_groomed

In other stuff, I found a Cocker Spaniel message board back when we first got The Puppy, and the guy who runs it made a grooming dvd and started selling it.  Well I got my copy yesterday, watched the first dog get groomed, and decided I’d have a go at it.  I bought most of the supplies already so I was all set.  I worked on her head, face, and behind, also did a little trimming around the feet.  This dog was scruffy, let me tell ya’!  It was pretty fun, she did awesome – only a little fighting at first and then she cooperated really well.  I messed up her top knot, so she looks like she has a buzz cut or something up there – lol.  Other than that, I think I did pretty good for my first try!  I may watch more later and try to do some more, she is still really raggedy looking.  I plan on doing all of her grooming myself, which will end up saving me tons of money down the road – we have brushing, ear cleaning, and toe clipping down already 🙂

Have a good weekend!

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  1. My gosh, I can’t believe how cute your lil’ furry baby is! These eyes!!!! And you did an awesome grooming job, considering the fact that this was your first try, it seems almost perfect indeed! Great!


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